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A warm welcome to the virtual journey through the history of "Allerleirauh", the kennel founded by Mrs Lisa Hein in the year 1935, and which has ever since changed and set the tone in the world of Cairns.

Enjoy our classy show stars and view our breeding programme steeped in tradition, the ideal of which is reflected by the unique type of Allerleirauh Cairns.

Allerleirauh Cairnterriers range among the most influential and important representatives in among all terrier kennels, having Champion offsprings in more than 20 countries on 5 continents.

We congratulate our friends for their sucess in show rings and rings of honour, in the range of agility and obedience, in tracking and hunting and we send greetings to the pets who live in their families as charming goblins and pals and we look forward for seeing them again on our next Allerleirauh reunion.

by Annette Bahr-Gindl



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